The world’s only safe and effective allergy vaccine for poison oak/ivy (PO/PI) is looking for investors.

Millville, New Jersey

The World’s Only Safe and Effective Allergy Vaccine for Poison Oak/Ivy.

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Why did we develop a vaccine for PO/PI?

I’m an engineer, physician, and allergist. My chemistry partner Prof. Catherine Yang, and I discovered and patented the world’s first and only safe and effective allergy vaccine for poison oak (PO) and ivy (PI).  Our team is looking for investors to bring it to market.

Why did we create this vaccine? Because 112 million Americans with severe or recurrent reactions need this vaccine. Healthcare utilization data suggests that ~48 million will want the vaccine. Getting the vaccine will be cheaper and easier than getting treated for exposure.

The FDA gave us a simple and inexpensive pathway to biologics licensure with no technical or clinical obstacles. $5 million now + $10 million in 2028 will carry us to profitable manufacture and sale.

Reaching 1/8 of the 48 million candidates by year 5 will yield $1.2 billion in revenue of which >50% will be profit.

Phase 1 clinical trial results for a competing vaccine were due in 2021 but never reported.

Our estimated manufacturing cost per initial treatment or annual booster dose is ~$30.  Our sales and revenue projections are based on a wholesale selling price of $200.

Investment Opportunity:
Contact us today to explore the opportunity that awaits you.

Key points for investors:

No current debt
No ongoing overhead
No future dilution of proposed investment
FDA-approved low cost, no-obstacles pathway to biologics licensure
Large existing population of eager users predicts profitability from launch

Our Team

  • Robert E. Coifman M.D.: Allergy and immunology
  • Eric Feerst: Project manager, quality control, and regulatory affairs
  • Merlin Weaver: Hydroponic agriculture
  • Catherine Yang Ph.D.: Developed and will provide low-cost urushiol assay
  • Millan Bhatt: USP 503b pharmacy for cost-effective GMP packaging
  • Mel Kornbluh: Serial developer of successful small businesses dependent on precision technology, consulting, sales, distribution
  • Scott Oneto: Poison oak and ivy agricultural biology, consulting

About the Vaccine

Novel Delivery System

We discovered and patented a novel vaccine delivery system that gave us the world’s first and only safe and effective vaccine for persons already sensitized to PO/PI


Our proposed pathway to Biologics Licensure was approved by the FDA.

Protocol Development and Commercial Scale Production Strategy

We will use genetic protocols for plant cultivation to assure compliance with FDA requirements for consistency.


A competing vaccine received media attention, but its Phase 1 clinical trial results were never reported.


We will make each dose for ~$30 and sell it for $200.

Investment Opportunity

Contact us today to explore the opportunity that awaits you.